Trailer Frame Welding

RVC Trailers has the best welding machines and over the years have creatively solved many types of metal problems for working equipment in quick and convenient manner at a reasonable cost. Trailer frame welding being our expertise, RVC Trailers can quickly make repairs to result in a safe, road-able and workable solution to most broken or warn out towed trailer, should it need major rebuilding, minor repair or adding attachments that improve efficiency or workability of the trailer.

Repairing rusted material due to letting green landscape material set in the trailer affecting either the steel or mesh sides and/or steel floor requires cutting out the old, installing new steel, and painting as quickly as possible and at a reasonable cost to invigorate the life of the trailer.

Installing equipment like winches or other loading devises takes an understanding of the operation and limits of cable loading to create a safe and productive addition to do the desired job.

Expert Welding

Major or Minor Trailer Frame Welding Repairs

Repair structural fatigue or additional support


  • Tool racks
  • Ladder racks
  • Raise sides
  • Ramp tail gates
  • Water jug holders
  • Spare Tire Mounts
  • Winch mounts

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