Trailer Electrical Repair

Trailer electrical repair problems on most trailers are usually caused by a broken wire, bad ground or broken connectors to the tow vehicle. RVC Trailers can solve any trailer electrical repair issue or re-wire the entire system, especially if the age or sun degradation of the wire’s coating prevents a simple repair. Broken lights or missing required side lights are frequently cited by DPS as unsafe vehicle subject to fines or in some cases impounding to prevent further use of the trailer until repairs are made and inspected. Lack of an operating breakaway devise and reflecting tapes also causes problems concerning safe operation on the highways of Arizona and particularly Metro cities around Phoenix.

Switching to LED lighting for trailer electrical repair is the trend in most quality trailers, this option has many advantages.  LED lighting is longer lasting, takes less power from the tow vehicle and provides multiple diodes that are independent of each other so when one goes out the remaining work and function well, to maintain a safe warning to other drivers.

Electrical Systems

  • Rewire
  • Lights
  • Breakaways
  • Batteries
  • Pumps

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