Trailer Bearing Replacement

All working trailer bearing replacements require periodic maintenance to maintain functionality, safety, and road worthiness that helps to keep your trailer from becoming a target for DPS violations and costly fines. The most frequent repair is damaged wheel spindles and trailer bearing replacement due to lack of grease and the resulting heat damage to the metal. Operating on the freeways and highways of Arizona without proper lubrication and carrying heavy loads quickly stresses the design factors of the axles, bearings and predominately electric brakes systems of all trailers, boat, landscape, dump, car carrier or any other type of towable trailer one might own.

Attention to the tires, wheels, brakes and bearings should be a daily, or weekly inspection routine for any working trailer. Trailers that only see periodic or infrequent use should be thoroughly inspected each time it is hooked up to prevent road breakdowns that can ruin the day’s purpose.

Axles and springs are the most critical system of a trailer to keep in good repair as these items have the most detrimental effect to the other systems like brakes and tires and can harm the towing vehicle as well.

Spindels, Axles

  • Replace &/or repack wheel bearings
  • Replace backing plates, magnets
  • Brake shoes
  • Spring axle equalizer replacement
  • Torsion axle hub repair or replacement
  • Periodic brake adjustment

Brake adjustment is required to gain maximum life of brakes. It is recommended every 2,000 miles or annually which ever is lower.

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